Concept Effects

Chicago's Premier Lighting and Event Company "Providing creative customized events"


Lighting is critical because it can set the mood for any event.

A well thought out plan and design will create an atmosphere that excites your senses and leaves your guests in awe.

Work with our design team to create a custom look for your event that will transform your space into a sensational look. The proper lighting design can create the feeling of being under the stars, in a winter wonderland, surround guests with your company brand, or enhance the room with the colors of your wedding, college, or high school.

Concept Effects offers a wide range of lighting options:
  • Highlight your centerpieces and various decor elements with pin spotting.
  • Project your name, company logo, or sponsors with our custom made monograms.
  • Transform the look of your venue space with our perimeter up- lighting packages.
  • Highlight various backdrop accents with our backdrop lighting.
  • Wash your venue space with our color washes or standard monogram plates.
  • Use our fixtures to highlight various landscapes at your home, venue, or outdoor space.

Concept Effects offers Intelligent lighting equipment to satisfy all your needs for your wedding, corporate event, Graduation, Birthday party, bar/bat mitzvahs, fashion show, tradeshows, and Concerts. Intelligent lighting allows our clients the ability to take their event to the next level. Our professional lighting technicians use a control console to take a basic lighting set-up and create an interactive space for our clients.

Imagine eating dinner and the color transition is smooth. Picture yourself stepping onto the dance floor for the first time with your significant other and the light follows your every move. The dance floor becomes the catalyst to get guests up and moving. Our Intelligent fixtures allow our clients to have a rock star event and give your event space the feel of a nightclub or concert. The colors are brighter, more precise, and allow more combinations than standard up lighting.

Combine our perimeter packages with our intelligent lighting packages and DJ packages to turn your event space into a fully interactive space. Thus creating a memorable WOW factor.


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