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Lighting is critical because it can set the mood for any event.

A well thought out plan and design will create an atmosphere that excites your senses and leaves your guests in awe.

Work with our design team to create a custom look for your event that will transform your space into a sensational look. The proper lighting design can create an unforgettable event.  

Concept Effects offers a wide range of lighting options:

    • Project your name, company logo, or sponsors with our custom made monograms.
    • Transform the look of your venue/concert space with our various lighting packages.
    • Highlight your Concert/Festival/Event with a wide range of lighting options

Concept Effects offers Intelligent lighting equipment to satisfy all of your event needs.  From Festivals, Concerts, Trade Shows, Corporate Events, or Weddings, Concept Effects strives to ensure our clients experience a one of a kind event.